Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Christmas Recap!

Grandpa, GJ & Ellison

Grace, GUM, GUE, Matt & Ellison

Uncle Jeff and Ellie Bean

Claude, Ellison & Nan

Uncle Ben, Aunt Heather, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Sarah & Ellison

MeMac & Ellison

Christmas morning Daddy & Daughter

T-daddy, Jen Mama & Ellison

Mommy and Ellison making Christmas cookies for Santa

Ellison and her Godparents (Griffin & Diana)

So we have been pretty busy since Christmas and today is New Year's Eve. I left out SO many good pictures from our Christmas celebration so I apologize a head of time for the endless row of pictures in this post. One thing that was very special for my family this Christmas is that our whole entire family was together to celebrate. So we were very thankful. Connor and I took on a house project- we are putting up trim around our windows in the house. So far we (mostly Connor) have done a great job and it looks so nice. Yesterday we went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons- GO SEE IT! It is a fabulous movie. Today Ellison and I are running errands and tonight Uncle Jeff & Aunt Sarah are coming over for a fun New Year's Eve celebration (we usually don't go out on New Year's in fact I can't remember the last time I stayed up til midnight-sad). We are enjoying the remainder of the week before we all head back to work on Monday. Hope you enjoy the photos (I apologize for leaving a few family members out of the pictures even though you were there celebrating with us-I tried to include as many as possible :) We hope everyone has a safe & happy New Year's Eve!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Claus came to town...

Activity table, doll house and tea set (plus more!)

Ellison in her red wagon with goodies

Our little family (Ellison's First Christmas)

Ellison in her chair

Santa came to the Ball house!

Toy chest and her lamb

So today was day 3 of celebrating Christmas with family. Christmas Eve we were with Connor's dad and his family, yesterday (Christmas Day) we woke up and had our little family Christmas (Connor, me, Ellison and the doodles) then we headed back to Columbia to spend Christmas with Connor's mom and her family. Today we did Christmas with my whole family! It has been super busy but an absolute joy! I truly am overwhelmed with all of the goodies our 9 month daughter collected. She got a precious toy box, activity table, red wagon, books, toys, clothes, her own big comfy chair...the list is endless! We are glad we decided to turn one of our bedrooms into a playroom. Here is just a sneak peak of Santa's visit and family showering Ellison with gifts...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We will be busy the next few days participating in several Christmas celebrations between our own little family, Connor's family and my family. As soon as I can I will share some fun memories and pictures of Ellison's first Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Picture of the week...

Aunt Sarah, Ellison and Uncle Jeff (concerning to think what would have been in Ellison's bottle if her parents were not around ;)

Usually when both Sarah and Jeff are in town we try to have a game night at our house (Cranium is usually what we play). So we carried on this little tradition the other night.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa & Ellison

This picture is her official professional Santa picture

Ellison did great visiting Santa. She showed no tears or fear-instead she chose not to make any kind of eye contact with Mr. Claus...even after he called her name and made cute noises at her several times-she would not give in to looking up at him. She just stayed focused on the camera, mommy and daddy.
One more thing...I took this video of Ellison earlier today (I think it will make anyone laugh or at least smile :) Don't forget to pause or turn the music on the blog off (at the bottom of the page) in order to hear the video...ENJOY!

Getting into the Christmas spirit...

Daddy and Ellison playing
Mommy and Ellison getting ready for church
Ellison in the dress MeMac made her
Ellison opening an early Christmas gift
Ellison with the Father of Christmas at Dicken's in Franklin
What a weekend! We had a busy one full of Christmas festivities :) We had a neighborhood Christmas party Friday night that involved great food, caroling and games. Saturday we went to the Dicken's of Christmas in downtown Franklin where Ellison saw Scrooge and Father of Christmas. Ellison's MeMac came to visit Saturday night. Yesterday we went to church and back to Dicken's Christmas to visit Mrs. Carla again at the Registry since she missed her the day before. We had some good quality family time last night and just relaxed on the couch (Ellison admired the Christmas tree). Today Ellison has her visit with Santa! We hope everyone is doing well! Here some pictures from the weekend...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Wonderland...

So Ellison experienced her first snow on Thursday night. She loved it as long as the snow flakes weren't hitting her in the face. Connor built a huge snowman and we had a photo shoot with our neighbors who also have a baby. Ellison's great uncle (GUE) was in town so we spent some time visiting with family. Last night we went to a Christmas party at our neighbor's house. The kids went caroling and then settled down to watch a Christmas movie (Ellison was in bed at this point). The adults played Taboo (husbands against wives) we had a great time! Today I am taking Ellison downtown for the Dicken's Christmas celebration (I go every year). This week we will be taking Ellison to visit Santa. We have been busy as you can see. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh how the years go by...

I got this idea from a friend's blog. Even though Connor and I have known each other since high school, we have been together for 10 years (we started officially dating in 1999). So this is our 10th Christmas together (our 5th since we have been married). I searched for a good hour yesterday trying to find a holiday picture since our first Christmas together. I surprisingly succeeded! Here they are in order (what cracks me up is my hair when I decided to try and turn my brunette hair into Barbie blond). Oh how the years go by...
December 1999-First Christmas together, this pictures was New Year's Eve

December 2000-We had just arrived home from college for the holiday break...

December 2001-Christmas at my parent's house (note: Connor has a funny shadow over his head-he was embarrassed I was putting this picture up)

December 2002- Home for the holiday break from Mississippi State (I was engaged)

December 2003- This holiday was busy with Christmas Engagement Parties

December 2004- First Christmas as a married couple with our dog Todd (at the time we were living at my parents house because we had just moved back to Nashville from Atlanta and I went through my blondie phase!)

December 2005- First Christmas in our house and with the doodles (Copper and Hogan)

December 2006- Christmas again with the doodles and we decided to start trying to get pregnant...(sorry if that was too much information)

December 2007- Our favorite Christmas card and obviously I was 6 months pregnant with Ellie in the Belly!

December 2008- We are very excited to spend this Christmas with the new addition to our family...our daughter Ellison (9 months old)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ellison's 9 month pics...

Here is a sneak peak at Ellison's 9 month pictures. We had them taken today and are already pleased with the few that the photographer posted on her blog. We can't wait to see the rest...