Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrated Ellison's first Easter! She had a very busy day visiting with both Connor's family and mine. She got lots of great goodies from her grandparents, parents and of course the Easter Bunny...she is SO spoiled :) We also had a "photo shoot" with a professional photographer that we are neighbors with. We can't wait to see the pictures and will post some as soon as we get them back. Needless to say Ellison is exhausted and so are mommy & daddy. I just wanted to show a couple of pictures from today. Keep checking the snapfish photo album (link is included in previous posts) for updated photos. We go back to the pediatrician tomorrow to check her weight. We are also excited that her Great Uncle Ed is coming to visit and meet her for the first time this week! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday and we wish everyone a great upcoming week :)


jenniferburch said...

She is so cute!

Amelia Elaine said...

Hey, I hope that you don't mind...Katie G shared your blog with me. Ellison is so beautiful!...and so are you Lindsey. You look great! You were definitely right when you said that motherhood is no easy task. but, it gets more fun and exciting with every day! Have fun with it :)