Friday, April 4, 2008

Another week has passed...

Well, Ellison turned 3 weeks old yesterday! Once again I can't believe how fast time flies. Next Sunday she will be 1 month old and I feel like we just met her for the first time yesterday. Ellison is doing really well, we had a great night last night as far as sleep goes. She had a couple of 3-3 1/2 hour stretches. We ate dinner last night at our neighbor's house- they have 5 precious children and they all adore Ellison. I was able to get out alone yesterday to get my hair cut while Connor's mom stayed with Ellison at home. Tonight Connor and I are having a quick date night out to dinner while my parents hang out with Ellison. It is SO nice having family so close to take turns babysitting Ellison so Connor and I can do things. It is still hard to have a lot of time out though because of feedings but it is getting easier. This weekend we are making our first trip to Columbia to visit Connor's family and celebrate his brother and sister's birthdays! I hope everyone is doing well and for most of you I hope you are staying dry with all this awful rain. I am so ready for the pretty Spring weather so we can get out of the house more. Have a good weekend and we will update soon!

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Griffin said...

She is the prettiest baby in the whole world. Including China. (I checked.) Thanks for the great photos, y'all. See you soon.