Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Mother's Day!

We had a lot that went on this past week and weekend. Ellison and I went shopping with Great Grandmother Nan, we went to feed the ducks at the lake with our neighbors, we attended a Cinco de Mayo party at our neighbors and we had visitors including Aunt Sarah, Uncle Jeff and the Cantrell Family. Connor and I were able to have a date to the movies while grandparents and Uncle Jeff babysat Ellison. Saturday evening we attended a party in Nashville where Ellison met the Cantrell Family for the first time. They are definitely like family to us and they just adored Miss Ellison. Yesterday for Mother's Day we went to church, ate brunch at my parent's house and then spent the afternoon just the three of us. It was a very nice day and I greatly appreciate everything Connor and Ellison did to make my first Mother's Day special. I am including quite a few pictures to show what all has been happening this past week and weekend. We will update again soon!

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GJ said...

What a wonderful first Mother's Day you had! A special time for a great and loving couple.
How great it is for Ellison to "get to know" your and Connor's friends. She's a cutie!!!