Monday, June 30, 2008

Ellison's Sip and See...

Ellison's Grandmother MeMac, Great Grandmother Meme and her Aunts (Sarah, Heather and Delisa) hosted a Sip and See for her yesterday in Connor's hometown of Columbia! It was so nice and great to meet everyone. Ellison did great...she took a little snooze in the middle of the party but she was so good.


Delisa said...

You are fast on this weeks update. I'm sure you are hoping for a peaceful week ahead to recover from the last crazy week.

We were so proud to show Ellison off in Columbia. I'm sure she'll be the talk of the town for weeks. Now they all know we weren't just bragging about how beautiful she is.

Have a great 4th.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! I made the blog. :) SB