Saturday, June 21, 2008

We had a big day yesterday- we went shopping for 4 hours and Ellison stayed awake pretty much the whole time and was in the best mood. She takes after all the women in my family :) We went with my mother and grandmother so it was four generations of shopping! I don't think about it much but four generations of females in a family is pretty special and unique. Of course we all spent money on Ellison and not on ourselves. My goal was to start buying clothes I need for Student Teaching however between the 3 of us we purchased Ellison a precious dress for her Sip and See coming up that her Grandma Mac, Meme and Aunts are throwing, more pajamas because she is growing like a weed and her 4th of July outfit (which really is not necessary but we could not resist)! For the past several weeks, Ellison has been drooling NON STOP and anything that touches or brushes against her hand she grabs it and heads straight for her mouth. I was trying to avoid this but she has hit the time for permanently keeping a bib attached to her to keep her clothes dry. Of course now the bib is just another item for her to grab and put in her mouth which produces even more drool...

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Delisa said...

Sounds like a big day. Can't wait to see her new dress on Sunday at the Sip & See. Will wants to come, but he'll be at Sopie's birthday party and I tried to tell him it isn't a guy thing.

Little Cottage has started their summer sale if you didn't know that yet.

Okay the search is on for Jean Mac's real name, because the "grandma mac" thing isn't going to fly. Reed is throwing "Mackie" out there and I've also caught wind of "MeMac".

Heard Mac was up on Tuesday to visit with you girls. I'm sure she enjoyed it.

See you Sunday.