Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy weekend!

Here are some pictures from this past week (it is actually a lot of pictures- I can't ever narrow it down). Ellison has been working on sitting up and she is getting better and better each day. She had many caregivers again this week (thank you Uncle Jeff, GJ (my mom), MeMac (Connor's mom) and Mrs. Aimee (our neighbor). I am just so thankful for all of the help. My school stuff is going well, I am becoming more and more independent each day. I have my first observation this upcoming week so wish me luck on that! We are enjoying an open weekend at home. I just have a few school things to do and Connor is playing in a raquetball tournament (good luck babe!). We hope everyone has a great weekend and we will post again soon :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Found my feet...

Ellison turned 5 months old this past week. Lately she has been interested in discovering and getting to know different parts of her body- mainly her ears and her FEET! I love it! She has been grabbing at her feet for quite awhile now but would just lay on her back and hold onto a toe or two. Now she is pulling her toes into her mouth and won't let go of those precious feet. Ellison's Uncle Jeff took care of her all week long and they had a great week together (thank you Uncle Jeff!). Ellison also has started to enjoy her rice cereal meal every night (more of it is ending up in her belly instead of all over her and the kitchen) and we are working on sitting up (although if she could have it her way she would like to just skip the sitting and go straight for standing/walking). I had my first full week with the students at school and I am exhausted! It really was wonderful though. Today the teacher was out and there was a substitute but pretty much I ran the class and provided all of the instruction for the day (I feel like I did pretty well). We have a weekend of visiting with out of town friends & family and celebrating Meme's 80th birthday with Connor's family! I am off to relax and go to bed. Hope you enjoy the pictures for this week! Good night :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great Friends and Birthdays!

So I completed my first week of my student teaching and it went really well. The students start tomorrow so my nerves are kind of working back up again but I am very excited to really get into the school year. Ellison did great with her new caregivers :) Thank you to everyone who is helping out with taking care of her. My best friend and her husband came in town this weekend to visit with us. We also celebrated many birthdays in my family (Nan 8-1-08, ME 8-14-08 and Uncle Jeff 8-19-08). We had a nice dinner in Columbia with Connor's dad and his family last night and a dinner with my family earlier tonight! We discovered that Ellison likes balloons :) I am getting ready to start another week. I am sorry it has been awhile since I have posted (I seem to run out of time every day!). Enjoy the new pictures!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ellison and her brothers!

So I officially begin my student teaching tomorrow. I am excited and nervous about it! Ellison is in good hands with all of the wonderful people taking care of her over the next 12 weeks. We had a nice weekend just spending time together. I am including a video of Ellison interacting with Copper and Hogan. It is only 2-3 minutes long...if you have time watch the whole thing. She LOVES them so much and they honestly can always make her smile. Have a good night...