Thursday, September 4, 2008

Catch up...

The past 2 weeks have been crazy busy for us! We enjoyed a nice long weekend last week and can't believe it is already Friday tomorrow. School is going great...very busy and exhausting but I love it and am learning SO much. Ellison is doing wonderful as well. We think she will be popping a tooth or two very soon. She goes back to the doctor next week for her 6 month check up (I can't believe she is already 6 months old)! I will post more next week but for now here are some updated pictures from the past week. Enjoy and have a great weekend :)


Delisa said...

She looks beautiful in BIG ORANGE. Too bad the Vols don't look as good. It is those orange pants, we NEVER win in the orange pants. The only thing worse is the orange shoes, we get stomped in orange shoes.

Know you've been busy and hope everything is going well. Yell if you need anything.

Glad to hear school is going well Lindsey and that Ellison is going with the flow.

Can't believe teeth are coming. I'm with you and cant believe she is 6 months old. How can that be?

Mark and Mandy said...

Lindsey!!! Sorry I'm so slow returning your comment! I'm slow with everything these days! Ellison is the cutests little girl ever...just beautiful! It makes me nervous to hear you talk about how fast 6 months have gone by. So far Reed's two months have flown! It's good to get to keep up with you this way! -mandy