Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy 6 months Ellison!

Ellison is 6 months old today! We can't believe it...she is growing too fast. She is SO much fun and of course so cute! We are so proud to be her parents and she has made parenthood amazing for us. We love you so much Ellison and you will always be our baby girl! XOXOXOXO (She got to try her first vegetable tonight...carrots- she was not a fan and she likes to grab the leaves off our basil plant)


Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Ellison. Six months is great. Her pretty personality is here, she can sit, but not crawl. Lots of smiles and so proud of herself. Enjoy each second.

Sweet potatoes, try sweet potatoes. She'll like carrots eventually. Stay away from plain potatoes, they are like pure starch and really gross.

Hope to see her soon and you guys too.

Delisa said...

That was me, not an anonymous stalker. I'm having trouble with my identity today.