Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Daddy and Pumpkin Fest

So this past week has been crazy busy! It was my last teaching week (I only have one more to go but I am just observing other classes so I am pretty much done). Connor celebrated his 28th birthday this past Monday (10-20)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! It was Uncle Jeff's last week for his "manny" duties...(we love you so much and can't express how much we appreciate your help with Miss Ellie Bean!). We are loving the cooler weather...we actually had to pull out Ellison's winter hats and her coat for our evening walks. We had a great weekend...yesterday we took Ellison to downtown Franklin for the Pumpkin Fest. We have a bunch of people helping out with Ellison this week (thank you GJ, Aunt Sarah and Miss Jill). We are very excited about Halloween this Friday! We hope every one has a great week!

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Delisa said...

Looks like you've been busy. Love her Ellison shirt with the pumpkins. She also makes a lovely Tink.

Congrats to Lindsey on finishing student teaching!