Friday, October 3, 2008

Hoot Scoot and Boogie

Another week has passed by and that leaves me with 3 more weeks left of teaching. Then I will be home with Ellison through the holidays! I can't wait :) Today was Hoot Scoot and Boogie at the elementary school I am teaching at (Oak View). It is a spirit week followed by the huge Hoot Scoot and Boogie fundraiser event (which includes a carnival for all students, their families and an amazing silent auction- the items were incredible). Connor brought Ellison to the big event. They got to meet a lot of the students in my class, their parents and other teachers I work with. It was fun and Ellison officially rode on her first carnival was a train ride around the school parking lot (it's a start!). We are busy this weekend with friends in town, a wedding, garage sale and for me more school work! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Note: Ellison was strutting her Oak View "Owl" spirit with her cute little shirt:)

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