Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Claus came to town...

Activity table, doll house and tea set (plus more!)

Ellison in her red wagon with goodies

Our little family (Ellison's First Christmas)

Ellison in her chair

Santa came to the Ball house!

Toy chest and her lamb

So today was day 3 of celebrating Christmas with family. Christmas Eve we were with Connor's dad and his family, yesterday (Christmas Day) we woke up and had our little family Christmas (Connor, me, Ellison and the doodles) then we headed back to Columbia to spend Christmas with Connor's mom and her family. Today we did Christmas with my whole family! It has been super busy but an absolute joy! I truly am overwhelmed with all of the goodies our 9 month daughter collected. She got a precious toy box, activity table, red wagon, books, toys, clothes, her own big comfy chair...the list is endless! We are glad we decided to turn one of our bedrooms into a playroom. Here is just a sneak peak of Santa's visit and family showering Ellison with gifts...


Anonymous said...

What a joyous time we all had this Christmas season!!! We are greatful that our entire family was able to spend Christmas together. Ellison was wonderful and was a real trooper during the entire evening. I especially love her "new winter hat"! We love you all and just have one more thing to say........"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" GJ & Grandpa

Delisa said...

What a haul she made. I know you guys had fun and it only gets better. Hope you've had a little time to recover. She is so, so sweet. Glad we got to see you guys on Christmas day.

Now you just have to find a place for all that stuff. The good news is that after about the age of 5 the gifts get smaller in size. Until then...good luck.