Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas! (continued)

On the 26th of December we woke up and still had one more Christmas celebration to look forward to! We started the day by going to visit Ellison's Godparents and their families. We love visiting with this special group of people, they mean the world to us!

Ellison with her Godparents

After Ellison's nap we packed up more presents and headed to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with my whole family. My brother (Ellison's Uncle Bobo) and my uncle (Ellison's GUE) were in town to celebrate. It was a very relaxing afternoon and evening. We spent time socializing, opening presents, watching Ellison entertain everyone and ate a very yummy meal! We did miss the rest of the family crew from Pasadena but will hopefully celebrate together next year :) By around 8pm Ellison was still full of energy and playing with all of her gifts, especially her new pink kitchen!

Ellison and her Uncle Bobo

Family love!

Ellison with her GJ and Poppy

Ellison with her Nan and Claude ("Cod")

The 3 of us at my parent's house celebrating Christmas

Ellison and her GUE (pronounced Gooey)! (She calls him Goo Gee, stands for Great Uncle Ed :)

This is what Santa brought to my parent's house for Ellison!

The pink kitchen was an absolute hit :)

Brother and sister got new shoes!

Ellison and Uncle Bobo playing...

Ellison and GUE reading the book he gave her...Ellison the Elephant

Feeding her new baby...

Playing with the set of bells that Poppy gave her...

Our little chef...she refused to wear the matching apron.

Our little girl got way too much stuff this year but it was so fun! Not only did Ellison get a ton of stuff to play with she also got music classes from her GUE & GUM (my Uncles)! We are taking the classes through a program called...
Ellison and I did a trial class about a week ago and she really enjoyed it.
After music classes are over at the end of February, Uncle Bobo is treating Ellison to gymnastics classes at...
I am super excited about this! Since Little Gym shut down at the end of the summer I was bummed because Ellison loved it so much. So we are going to try out the Mommy and Me class at Harpeth. I have heard wonderful things about it. If she ends up loving it then we will continue doing it through this upcoming summer during our time off.

Since we have accumulated quite a chunk of new play additions, we actually have turned our dining room into her new playroom. She had a blast celebrating Christmas and I can't wait to see how she is with the whole Christmas holiday next year. Thank you to our families for making this such a wonderful Christmas! We hope everyone had a Merry Merry Christmas and has a Happy Happy New Year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We woke up around 7:30 on Christmas morning! We spent most of the morning at home, just the 3 of us, opening gifts and letting Ellison take some time to play with some of the things she got. We really enjoyed having that time at home...

Ellison with her shopping cart full of play food!
Daddy and Ellison playing

Mommy got Ellison some sassy black boots!

Seeing what Santa left in her stocking...

Riding in her new pink car!

Enjoying some play time with her new stuff...

We got ready and headed to Columbia to spend time and celebrate Christmas with Connor's mom and her family! We ate a yummy brunch, opened more presents and then played games while Ellison napped. We went over to Meme and Papa's house (Connor's grandparents) to celebrate some more and to eat dinner. It was a really good day and Ellison had a great time!
Ellison playing with her baking set...

We got a Family Annual Membership to the zoo! Thank you so much Memac!

How sweet is this dress?

Ellison having fun...

Ellison got a purple purse full of girly accessories from her cousins!

Hanging out with Meme and Papa

Putting on her lipstick! What a girl...
As I was working on this blog post and picking out pictures to put on the blog I realized I didn't have any with Ellison and her Memac, I apologize I don't know what happened!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

What a fun holiday break it has been so far! Ellison and I have had lots of play dates with friends. We had one at our house and we met some friends at Jump Zone! We had never been to Jump Zone was a blast! We had so much fun and were worn out! Ellison and I did some last minute shopping the day before Christmas Eve while daddy went hunting with his friend. On Christmas Eve we spent the day together at home then headed to Columbia to celebrate Christmas with Connor's dad & his side of the family. We opened presents, ate delicious food and had a nice time just relaxing and socializing with everyone! Ellison got this precious outdoor table from her Granddaddy and Jen...She also got some Lehigh attire, toys & clothes from her Aunt's and Mama Doris!

Ellison with her granddaddy!

Aunt Sarah, Aunt Heather, Uncle Ben, Daddy, Mommy & Ellison

Ellison with her pink hippo...she kept calling it her piggy!

The 3 of us on Christmas Eve...
Mommy and daughter...

Ellison with her Aunt Sarah

Ellison with her Aunt Alex showing off her Lehigh attire!

When we got home from Columbia it was way past Ellison's bedtime! However we still made time for her to put out milk and cookies for Santa and daddy read "Twas the Night Before Christmas." We put Ellison to bed in her super cute Christmas pajamas (thanks GJ!). Then it was time for Mr. and Mrs. Claus to get busy!

Ellison and daddy reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Ellison putting out milk and cookies for Santa!

Mr. Claus getting busy...

Good work Santa! (finally :)

Santa came!

Ellison was a good girl this year :)

We couldn't forget about the doodles :)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look who is a big girl!

Earlier this evening, the 3 of us were playing before bedtime in the playroom. Ellison stopped, looked at her daddy and said "potty, potty!" As she said this she pointed to the bathroom where she has a training potty (I bought one awhile back just to have so she could play with it and start to get to know it a little better). Now I was not planning on potty training Ellison until the beginning of our summer break in May. She is only 21 months old. Well, Connor took her in the bathroom, stripped her down & Ellison went and sat on her potty. While she sat, we went ahead and started the water for bath time, I went to get a towel and Connor went to get a book. Well before I knew it Connor was yelling for me. I ran to see Ellison standing next to her potty, pointing at it and smiling from ear to ear. She went pee pee in the potty! Connor and I were SO excited and so the 3 of us clapped, gave high 5's and hugs for our big girl! Let us take note that today is Saturday and she has not done it since ;) I think we will just continue to let her do it as she asks and not buckle down for training for a couple more months...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet Sunday!

Here is a sneak peak to what Ellison and I have been doing this morning...more pictures to come!