Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Family Photo Christmas 2008
I just wanted to dedicate this post to my awesome and committed family. For the past several days my grandmother has been in the hospital recovering from a horrible intestinal virus which has been carried on to my grandfather as well. Along with the usual side effects of a typical tummy virus there was severe dehydration which lead to hallucinations and very out of sort thinking. Needless to say my grandmother is on her road to recovery, however my grandfather is battling with it at home. My brother and mother have been tag teaming it in between staying with my grandmother at the hospital, checking in with my grandfather at home, working several hours at a time and catching a few snooze in between. My Uncle is on his way in town from California tomorrow to help out for a few days. I feel helpless but have to take care of my precious little one- I don't want to take the chance of being exposed to anything. I just can tell through the phone conversations I have had with family over the past several days that everyone is truly exhausted! So I just want all of them to know that I am thinking about them, I love them all so much, I am so thankful for their commitment to each other and for doing what families are suppose to do for each other. I am one very lucky and blessed daughter, sister, granddaughter, neice, mother and wife!

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jenniferburch said...

i will be praying for them! I know it is hard to see your loved ones hurting!