Sunday, January 18, 2009

No sickness is going to ruin Ellison's weekend!

Ellison has had a cold all weekend long. It started with some nasty eye drainage, then ran through her nose, then into her chest and now she is just coughing all the yucky stuff out. She is one trooper though because she has slept through the night (like she always does) her mood and attitude have been very playful and happy all weekend long. That is typical Ellison...we are blessed with a very easy going content baby! Here are some pictures from a fun Sunday playing around the house...


Delisa said...

Hope she gets to feeling better soon. Heard you guys had a nice breakfast w/Mac, Ben, Heather and Sarah. I know everyone enjoyed seeing Ellison.

We're working on getting things back to normal here. It has been a tough 2009 so far.

Want to see you guys soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Ellie Bean has a double ear infection. :(
But she is a trooper!!