Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Ball Family Happenings...

We had a good week! Ellison is just growing up so fast and wanting to try new things! ALL she wants to do is pull up, stand and cruise (or hold your hands and walk EVERYWHERE). She is starting to get a little more confident in herself and letting go of things while she stands but then freaks out and sits down. She talks NON-STOP, I wake up to her talking over the baby monitor and when I lay her down every night after her bottle she looks up at me and says something. My dad (Ellison's Grandpa) had surgery earlier this week and has had a rough recovery, please just keep him in your thoughts and prayers. As well as Ellison's Uncle Jeff making his final move to Chicago tomorrow! We are going to miss him bunches! We are having a family "going away" breakfast at Puckett's later this morning. We also had a nice visit with some of Connor's family last night in Columbia at his dad's house. Congratulations to Ellison's Aunt Carly and Uncle Bo for their exciting news...they are expecting! So Ellison will have a little cousin to play with (probably boss around knowing her) in September. So there are a lot of things to be thankful for and we are feeling so blessed!

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