Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ellison with her sweet goodies from GJ and Grandpa!

Our little family on Ellison's first Valentine's Day!

She is ready to go with her cute bag!

Happy Valentine's Day Ellison!
We have had fun celebrating Valentine's Day so far. Daddy got Ellison a single red rose for Valentine's Day and had it in a vase with purple tulips for mommy. He is the best and so good to his two favorite girls :) We spent some time visiting with Ellison's Nan and Claude yesterday and had lunch with Ellison's Granddaddy and Jen Mama yesterday afternoon. Ellison received lots of sweet Valentine cards in the mail (thank you everyone!). Today Ellison got some cute Valentine goodies from her GJ and Grandpa. Tomorrow we will see Ellison's MeMac, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ben, Aunt Heather, Meme and Papa in Columbia for lunch! Ellison is a busy little girl...but she loves all of the attention!

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Sarah said...

You left out that she would be seeing her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben and Aunt Heather... just wanted to make that clear. :) Loved seeing yall!! SB