Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catch up time!

Ellison trying to stand up on her own!

Walking with Mary Kate at the shower...

Ellison LOVED these puppies and they loved her!

Snuggling with Jennifer and (Baby Owen in the belly!)

At the baby shower with Mary Kate and soon to be mommy Jennifer!

Us at the baby shower...

Ellison got the cutest birthday present from Jen and Ryan (a monogrammed bucket with gardening attire!)

Sorry I have not updated in a few days. We had a very busy end of the week and weekend. Connor, Ellison and I went on our first little road trip this past weekend to Knoxville. My best friend and her husband are expecting their first baby boy, Owen! We helped host a couple's baby shower for them and made a weekend trip out of it. We had SO much fun and Ellison was quite the little Missy. She (of course) was the center of attention. Ellison is still working on taking steps and walking. Today she had a big surprise for us though, she finally (out of the blue) decided she could crawl (video coming soon). Actually it is a crawl/scoot but she is most definitely mobile and getting into EVERYTHING! She is also starting to get from a sitting position to a standing position without holding on to anything. I just can't believe everything she is doing all of the sudden. In the past 2 weeks she has accomplished SO much! We are very excited to celebrate her FIRST BIRTHDAY this upcoming weekend!!! Love to all...


Anonymous said...

Ellison surprises us every day! It seems all of a sudden,she is doing so much!! There is no stopping her now.........she is definitely a "girl on the go".
Love you all,
GJ & Grandpa

Delisa said...

Happy Birthday Dear Ellison. Happy Birthday to you!

Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow.

We love you sweet thing.
Uncle Dave, Aunt Delisa, Reed and Will