Sunday, March 29, 2009

Say hello to dolly!

We have had a busy weekend of packing boxes and starting to prepare for our move to the new house in a couple of weeks. Ellison has been (un)helpful with the packing process because she likes to unpack the boxes as I am trying to pack them. Ellison and I went shopping on Friday with Nan and got some new shoes for Miss Priss. My parents took care of her yesterday so we could get some things done which was very helpful.

We would like everyone to meet Ellison's new friend..."Dolly." Ellison started to take a liking to her "dolly" yesterday morning. The real name of this doll is actually "Ellie" however since some people call Ellison (Ellie) we decided to change the name to "dolly" at least for right now. Ellison has really loved riding in her new car seat this week (thank you Uncle Jeff, GUE and GUM) AND since we got the okay from our pediatrician to introduce eggs, Ellison enjoyed a very yummy gourmet breakfast that daddy made for her this morning (bacon, cheese omlet and cheese toast). She loved the bacon and toast, the omlet was okay for the first few bites. We hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Ellison and her gourmet breakfast!
Ellison with her "dolly" after waking up from her nap!
She loves her new friend :)

Big girl in her new car seat!

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Delisa said...

Isn't funny how to see her in that new car seat? Think back to only 12 months ago and how tiny she is always so unbelievable.