Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Checking in...

Ellison is starting to climb things...(including stairs!)
Big girl in her chair!

Playing in her new playroom!

Daddy and his riding mower getting ready to cut our new yard (over 1 acre!) Ellison was only involved in taking a picture not cutting the grass...

Ellison helping daddy make eggs...

We had quite an eventful Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, Ellison started to not feel so good. She has been recovering from double ear infections but was running a high fever & was very lethargic by Monday afternoon. The Dr. said to bring her in. To even make the story more exciting, on my way to the Dr. appointment (they squeezed me in for the last time of the day- our pediatrician kindly said he would wait on us) I was sitting at a stop light in downtown Franklin during rush hour with Ellison whimpering in the back seat (remember it was about 85 degrees Monday afternoon).

All of the sudden my good old 150,000 mile, 1996 Honda Accord died on me, right there in the middle of the road. I just broke down and lost it. It was a sight to be seen and many people did as they drove around my car looking in on my pitiful daughter and myself (the pathetic mother who couldn't hold herself together and stay in control). I called Connor then I called my mother because she was working about 5 minutes down the road. During my phone calls a sweet man got out of this car (he did not speak English very well but that didn't matter because we understood each other very well). He (alone) pushed Ellison, myself and my dead Honda Accord to a parking lot. He attempted to jump start my car 3 times and nothing happened. By now my mom showed so we hauled Ellison and her car seat into my mom's car. I called the Dr. giving our situation and once again our pediatrician kindly said he would wait a little longer on us. Connor showed up and I was given the green light to get Ellison to the Dr. while I left Connor and my mother to figure things out.

To sum up the story, Ellison ended up having a virus, the cost to fix my car just about out weighs how much it is worth so it will no longer be ours after today (thank you Craig's List). Luckily my parents & brother (it is another long story) have graciously given us a car to use for awhile until we can find the car of my dreams :) And finally, Ellison and I will not be flying to Texas this weekend (you guessed it-another long story). Between her sickness, our destination, flying, Swine Flu, etc. we got a full refund on our ticket and are in the process of rescheduling it a few more weeks out.

I can't believe it is only has your start of the week been?!


Ashley said...

What a week! I am so sorry that you had such a terrible day...I would have lost it too! I hope the rest of the week is wonderful to make up for it.

Delisa said...

Oh Lindsey, like you needed more stress right now with the move. Sounds like putting of the trip is a good idea. Maybe you can just all hang out at home and do some nesting this weekend.

Weather permitting, we'll be by Thurs. early evening.

Anonymous said... make my life sound soooooo boring after the day you had! Sorry I wasn't in town to lend a helping hand, but glad a "good samaritan" stopped to assist--it's a good feeling to know there are still nice people out there!

Hope Ellie Bean is starting to feel better--and you too! :)

Love to everyone!
Uncle Jeff

Jeff and Ellen Flannery said...

Hey Linds! Mom said she ran into you at the grocery store and told me about your horrible day :( I hope Ellison is feeling better today! I can't wait to see your new house... it looks so perfect for ya'll!

We are coming in town Mother's Day weekend. Will you guys be around? We would love to see you!