Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Overview...

Chatting on the phone...she loves doing this and repeatedly say "hi" with the phone held up to her ear.
She is really in to climbing inside and on top of things...

Ellison loves riding on her Zebra...

Not sure what she is doing here...

Playing outside...

Play date with her friend Mason (isn't he so cute!)

Ellison had a very busy week! It was full of play dates with friends, pool time, baby gym class, and visiting with family. Yesterday, Connor and I had a "date day." Ellison spent some time with her MeMac (Connor's mom) while we did some errands and had a nice dinner with friends. This week will be busy as well...I am taking care of a little boy 3 days this week. We are going to be spending some time at the pool with friends because it is suppose to HOT! Tomorrow I am taking Ellison to story time at the library. I leave for Chicago on Thursday night to visit my brother for the weekend! I am very excited but will miss my sweet baby girl tremendously (and Connor too :) We hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer time is here!

Sucking her thumb...she was mad at me that I made her get in the water!

Walking around at the park...

Just wanted to point out the back of the matching hat & bathing suit!

Debating whether to give the water another shot or not...

Today Ellison and I made our way to the pool for the first time this summer! We went with some friends to my old neighborhood pool. The water was chilly but Ellison did fairly well, a little fussing but overall she had a good time. The sun actually was out pretty much the whole time we were there. Then we went to the park for a little while and headed home. Right when Ellison and I pulled up into our driveway the bottom dropped out of the sky! I am really looking forward to getting Ellison out a lot over the summer. Between playdates, the park, the pool, baby gym classes, story time at the library and maybe the zoo, I think she will have a blast this summer (and don't forget her first trip to the beach and a flight to Texas to visit one of my dear friends and her daughter!). Here are some pictures of Ellison looking quite precious and stylin in her summer pooltime attire!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Ellison helping Mama Doris celebrate her 85th birthday!

Cutie pie!

Pajama girl!

We had a very busy 3 day weekend! Ellison's GUE (my uncle) came in town so we ate dinner with my family on Friday night. On Saturday, Ellison and I went to Columbia to attend a luncheon honoring our Mama Doris (Connor's grandmother) who turned 85 years old! Jennifer really out did herself hosting such a beautiful celebration! We returned home and had my whole family come over for dinner, Connor and I really enjoy entertaining at our new house. Yesterday (Sunday) Ellison and I went to church then went with my Uncle to pick up my brother (Ellison's Uncle Jeff). Connor, Ellison and I drove to Columbia for a cookout at Jean Mac's house (Connor's mom). It was very nice to spend time with more of our families. Today has been busy just running errands, being at home, yard work and spending time with Great Uncle Ed and Uncle Jeff before they both head back to their home cities. We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catch up time!

Love that smile!
She is growing up too fast!

Helping unload groceries...

Sorry I have not posted in almost 2 weeks! Life has been busy. I had my last week at work, we will start back up at WEE Care in the middle of August. Over the summer I will be taking care of a 20 month old boy that was in my class (2-3 days a week). We plan on spending most of the summer playing, going to the pool, seeing friends/family and some traveling! Ellison has her first trip to the beach planned at the end of July! I also signed Ellison up for Little Gym classes this summer. It is a parent/child class and based on her age she is considered in the little bird class. I have been busy reading the Twilight Series the past week and absolutely LOVE IT (cannot put it down)! My Uncle and brother are visiting this weekend so we will have some family time with them! Also we will be celebrating Mama Doris' (Connor's grandmother) 85th birthday! It will be a nice but busy weekend with our families. We hope everyone enjoys the 3 day weekend :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Place settings honoring my mother and grandmother!
The beautiful table set up for Mother's Day dinner!

The Ball Residence :)

Our little family on Mother's Day!

Ellison entertaining everyone...

Four generations on Mother's Day!
We had my parents and grandparents over to eat dinner and celebrate Mother's Day! The rain held out and it was perfect weather for eating outside. We had a great time and it was so special for me to spend some of Mother's Day with both my mom and grandmother.

Mother's Day 2008 (EMB-2 1/2 months old)

Mother's Day 2009- (EMB-14 months old)

Ellison on Mother's Day!

I want to wish all of my mommy friends, mother in laws (Jean Mac and Jennifer), aunt in law (Delisa and Sally), grandmother (Nan) and grandmother in laws (Doris and Meme) a very Happy Mother's Day! Most of all I want to tell my own mother how honored I am to be her daughter and thank you for teaching me how to be the best mother I can be to Ellison. I love you so much and am so proud to have you as my mother! Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Loving the weekend...

Ellison and Baby Caroline meeting for the first time!
Isn't she so cute even with the permanent bruise/bump on her head!

The doodles always make Ellison smile, even if they don't pay attention to her...

Spending Saturday morning playing...

She looks like such a big girl!

She loves to pull all the toys out of the bin...

Being the gossip girl at lunch...

Ellison finally enjoys sitting in her chair...she loves to climb in it!

Today is Saturday and we have had a fun weekend so far! We have spent some much needed quality time together at the house. Ellison and I also had a chance to meet sweet Baby Caroline! Caroline's mom, Ellen, is one of my great friends from high school. We are looking forward to Mother's Day tomorrow and spending time with family. Ellison has just been a wild woman lately. She talks non-stop, walks EVERYWHERE, has a permanent bump/bruise on her head from getting carried away (thinking she can run but really can't) and she is in to dancing when she hears music (even in the car-she will do a little leg kick and head banging). She is so sweet and brings so much joy to our lives. I can't help but kiss her to death every time she wakes up in the morning and tell her how much I love her just about every time she looks and smiles at me. She is just growing up way too fast!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Greetings from New Highway 96!

I'm not sure what Ellison is doing here...a dance move maybe?!
She loves getting into the boxes!

Her "What did I do?!" face...

We have been in our house for a little over 2 weeks! Things are finally coming together. Most everything is unpacked and put away. There are still a couple of boxes in the garage that we have to go through. The kitchen cabinets are done! The kitchen is also painted...I will post a before and after picture once our counter tops are replaced. We still have an ongoing list of projects but we are taking it one step at a time and trying to be patient. Ellison loves the new house and her playroom. Connor is dying to get his hands dirty in the yard (there is a TON to do, especially with over 1 acre) but the rain has kept all of us inside (hopefully this weekend he can do some work in the yard). I have slacked on taking pictures of Ellison but here are a couple that I snapped a little while ago...have a great night!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Claude!

Ellison would like to give a big Happy Birthday to Claude (Ellison's great grandfather!)