Saturday, June 13, 2009

15 months!

Ellison turns 15 months old today! This is by far the most fun stage that we have experienced with her so far. Here are some of our favorite things that she does...
  • She walks EVERYWHERE! She does not want to be held for very long and definitely does not want to just sit and be peaceful. She is a mobile maniac!

  • She thinks she can run...(very scary time for mommy and daddy)

  • She loves to dance...when she hears music she will pump her legs while standing up like she is bouncing with the rhythym and she even does a little head banging.

  • She is a climber...she loves to climb the stairs and tables
  • When she sees a dog she says woof woof

  • She loves to mimic every noise we make

  • Her vocabulary is growing (she can say no, daddy, mommy, puppy, burpie, poopie, baby, bye bye, hi, fish, juice, shoes...and lots of noises!)

  • She blows kisses when you say bye bye (even makes the noise of a kiss) and has recently been giving kisses on demand (she will lean in and pucker her lips)

  • She knows how to find her body parts (head, eye, ear, nose, mouth and belly)
  • She is a animal lover, especially dogs

  • She is napping once a day

  • She loves to eat all sorts of fruit and yogurt!

  • She will follow simple directions (especially at Little Gym class when the teacher asks to put certain toys and things "Put the ball back in the bucket")

  • She throws tantrums when we say "no"

  • She will let us know when she doesn't want something by shaking her head and saying no

Happy 15 months baby girl! Mommy and daddy love you so much!

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