Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mommy is headed to Chicago!

Ellison being silly while eating dinner...
Love these boat shoes!

Eating some watermelon and cottage cheese...mmmm!

I am leaving for Chicago tomorrow evening to visit my brother (Ellison's Uncle Jeff)! I am super excited, a little nervous and a hair sad. I know I need to take advantage of this time for myself and being with my brother, away from all distractions but I will miss Ellison SO much (and Connor of course). Connor has some plans set up for Ellison (and he promises me it does not involve shipping her off to the grandparent's house all weekend...just 1 night :) This weekend is also special because it is my dad's birthday, my parents anniversary and Connor's moms birthday! We hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Sarah said...

When is she gonna come visit her Aunt Bubbles?!? Hum... is there an age limit on that?