Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy (late) 16 months!

Ellison turned 16 months old (almost a week ago). It feels like she has changed faster in the past 2 weeks than her whole life! The biggest change has been her vocabulary. She literally tries to repeat everything we say around her. She is starting to recognize what more words mean and it just melts my heart to hear her say things that make sense. Her first two word sentence she put together the other day was "mommy bubbles." Here is a little list of the words she says (and for the most part understands what they mean)...
- mommy and daddy
- puppy
- fish
- shoe
- horse
- moo (for cow)
- thank you
- please (this is my favorite)
- more
- water
- love you
- burpie
- no
- yes
- stop
- go
- pee pee
- doo doo (thanks to daddy)
- poopie
- outside
- ball
- bubbles

and there are many others that she repeats but doesn't know what they mean...
She is also identifying more of her body parts (head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, toes, hands, belly and knees). She climbs up the stairs and will scoot on her bottom to go down the stairs (instead of trying to take a giant leap of faith of the top stair). The other day we were at the mall play area and she climbed the stairs to the slide, sat down and scooted to the edge then went down the slide all by herself. I was absolutely amazed. She dances like a super star and can sort of run. Overall her rhythym, balance and coordination are really starting to show more. We love our baby girl!

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Ashley said...

Oh, she is growing up so quickly! I can't wait to see her again!