Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good luck Aunt Sarah!

Ellison's Aunt Sarah is student teaching this Fall in Williamson County. My mom works at the central office for the school system so my mom, Ellison and I decided to go visit Sarah at her school this morning! It was exciting to see Sarah's classroom and meet some of the staff. I am very excited for Sarah and know she will do a fabulous job! The kids start tomorrow so Ellison (and myself) would like to wish Aunt Sarah much luck tomorrow!


Sarah said...

I am so excited that I have a whole post in my honor! lol Thank yall for coming to see me! It meant so much to me. Everyone LOVES Jackie so hopefully they will treat me well knowing that we are "related". Mrs. Heil is a hoot isn't she! Yall will have to come back towards the end so we will have a before and after pic! Love yall!

Delisa said...

Sarah, you look like a teacher! I'm sure she was excited to have a visit from you guys.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!!! Hope you have a great one.