Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to...ME!

So I know writing myself a Happy Birthday blog entry is not really the correct thing to do. I just wanted to share what my birthday celebrations have consisted of! First of all I am VERY lucky to have such sweet and loving families and friends to celebrate with! Last weekend Connor surprised me with a wine tasting class at the Viking, I celebrated with my family at my parents house last weekend as well, last night Connor and I went to dinner with our great friends (Nikki and Josh) at Wild Ginger then today (my actual birthday) I spent time with Ellison this morning, went to lunch with my mom, grandmother and Ellison at Puckett's (where the WHOLE restaurant sang me Happy Birthday) then I spent the afternoon alone (my request...Connor took care of Ellison) while I did some window shopping at the mall and got a pedicure. Now Connor is making me a yummy dinner and dessert! It has been a great birthday and thank you to everyone who has made it so special! XOXO

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