Saturday, August 22, 2009

On a Friday afternoon...

This week has been insane! So busy! We are so thrilled to have the weekend. After going back to work this week I have already learned to really appreciate the late afternoons and early evenings the 3 of us spend together before Ellison goes to bed. This week she has been a wild woman during that time. Connor and I have really enjoyed some play time with her. She has been full of energy and acting super silly. She dances and jumps when you ask her to which is the funniest thing. The other day she started pulling her shirt over her head and walking around, she was laughing like crazy at herself. She also got into a pack of markers, grabbed a piece of paper and fussed until I opened the markers for her. She has never really played with writing instruments (especially without the tops off). She knew exactly what to do and went to town scribbling on a piece of paper. She insisted on using every color in the pack. She is just so much fun at this age. She is putting together 2 word sentences, laughing hysterically at things, recognizing where things are and where they go (she will run to the fridge point and say cheese) is so amazing how she has gone from a helpless little ball of pure sweetness to a talking, walking, animated, smart, temper throwing, full of attitude, sassy, curious 17 month old (not even 2 years!). We are so in for it!

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