Saturday, September 5, 2009

Go Vols! and other stuff...

I love this dress!

Mommy and Ellison in their VOLS attire!

Making brownies with daddy!

We have had a busy weekend so far and it is only Saturday! Last night Connor and I had some friends over for dinner after Ellison went to bed and had a really nice time. This morning Ellison and I picked up my parents and brother, went to breakfast then dropped them off at the airport so they could catch their flight to Rome to start their 10 day cruise (super jealous here). Then we went to visit Ellison's cousin, Lee. He is only 3 days old and so tiny! I admit it gave me baby fever! We were very excited to dress in our Big Orange Country attire and support the VOLS! I have been waiting for football season to start so I could put this adorable dress on Ellison (see pictures). Tomorrow we are heading to "The Farm." This is a place that we went last summer right before I started my student teaching and Ellison was not even 5 months old. The Farm is in Lynchburg, TN and belongs to Connor's best friends family, The Cantrells. We are very excited to spend the day with all of them (more pics to come of the rest of our weekend :) Ellison did the cutest thing today! She now will point to a person she knows and says their name. So far she knows Bobo (Uncle Jeff-my brother), GJ (my mom), Poppy (my dad) and Sarah (Aunt Sarah). For those of you in the family not mentioned we are working on it! She has just really started to name people/family members. She has so many to learn! Also for the first time we asked her "where is Ellison" and she pointed to herself and said her name. It was priceless!

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Ashley said...

I can't wait to see Ellison now that she is talking so much! How cute that she is doing the name thing....such a big girl! Miss you guys!