Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our girly girl...almost ;)

We have had a very nice weekend! I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already :( Our weekend was filled with some shopping, playing at the park, having lots of fun at a friend's birthday party, church, strolling around downtown Franklin on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and spending time together :) One other thing that Ellison has been busy doing is pushing around her play baby stroller. I mean for hours! She just rotates around our downstairs (which does a circle through all of the rooms). The funny thing is she would rather push her burpie, sippy and/or snack cup around than an actual baby. It is hilarious! She actually was a little more interested in the baby today. As girly as she is starting to get she still has that adventurous side to her. When we were walking around in downtown Franklin she was climbing up into a chair then scooted out of it (over and over again...she did it about 10 times, so proud of herself). Well of course the last time she scooted out of the chair she leaned forward too much and got a nasty "boo boo" on her head. She cried for only 10 seconds and was ready to go again! (I wanted to explain why in some pictures she has a huge red circle in the middle of her forehead!)


Anonymous said...

Connor should know that she gets the doll stroller thing naturally. I used to walk around with just my diaper on pushing around my baby stroller. But then I would drop the stroller to go tear apart Connor's GI Joes :)

Mary Alice said...

She looks so pretty in these pictures! I can't believe how big she is getting. I love reading your blog!