Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When mommy isn't looking!

So Ellison has become quite the little dare devil lately. She is trying to climb EVERYTHING, even the camera battery charger that is plugged into an outlet up against the wall. I caught her putting her foot on top of it like she was rock climbing. I left her alone for literally 30 seconds in her playroom and came back to see her standing on her activity table smiling and pointing out the window...then she started stomping in place and dancing on top of the table (definitely not the appropriate thing to do). As wrong as it was for her to do that of course I had to take a picture! our week has been better (for the both of us) as far as school/work goes. We are looking forward to the holiday weekend and spending time together and with some friends! My parents, brother and uncles leave this Saturday for their 10 day cruise to Greece and a whole lot of other amazing destinations! I am SUPER jealous and will really miss them. I do ask that you pray for safe travels for them all around! We will update some more it is bed time!

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Grace said...

She is just wayyyy to adorable! I absolutely love all of her outfits! =]