Monday, October 12, 2009

19 months old!

Oh my sweet Ellison...where do I start? You are little Miss Personality and I love it (most of the time ;) You are doing so much, your daddy and I are starting to have a hard time keeping up with you.

  • You LOVE school! I wasn't sure at the beginning of the year when I had to leave you screaming with alligator tears whimpering "mommy, mommy" but now you walk right into your classroom like a big girl and don't turn back.

  • You have made so many friends and you know all of their names!
  • You are actually running now!

  • You are using your words to get what you want and for the most part we understand what you are asking!

  • You follow simple commands that people ask you to do...

  • You know several animals and the noises they make & when we drive down the rode you point to horses & cows (and puppies) and say neigh or moo.

  • Your vocabulary grows everyday, you are so smart! I can't even begin to create a list...just know you are way ahead on your verbal skills :)

  • You will point to pictures and say people's names that you know in the picture (including yourself)

  • Your hair is growing! Mommy was able to put an actual clip in your hair the other day and it stayed in ALL day :)

  • You absolutely LOVE BOOKS and to READ! No really you actually flip through a book and say a bunch of mumbo jumbo but with expression, animation and tone like you truly are reading it out loud (you LOVE for daddy to read you books). You will bring him one all the time and say "read book"

  • You have recently taken an interest in the potty (sorry if TMI). We were at a friend's house and there was a training potty in their bathroom. You walked in lifted the lid and sat down (over and over again). Everytime you stood up you would wave bye bye to it (which is quite funny because mommy told you about how cool the potty was because when you are all done going potty you say "bye bye" as you flush the toilet because it makes everything disappear with no messes to clean up!"

Those are just a few of many things you are doing, every day you do something new! Daddy and I love you SO much and are so proud of you! XOXO

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