Friday, October 16, 2009

What a week!

Reading the biggest birthday card she has ever seen!
Ellison and Jen

Ellison trying to accept the fact that mommy was holding another baby...

Ellison playing with her cousin Lee

She was okay with daddy holding the baby...

We will make a good looking family of 4 one day ;)

Ellison and TBall

Playing outside!

Playing outside before going to school...

Love that face!

I am very excited this week is officially over! Mainly because I have a 5 day weekend that started today :) Our week was busy with work! I had a night out with some girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants, Wild Ginger . We enjoyed a little wine and a lot of sushi!
Sadly Ellison and I were in a car accident Thursday morning. I was not at fault, someone rear ended us. We were fine but the car had some damage and the person who hit us got a little beat up from the air bag and their car was in bad shape. If anything I was a little sore today but Ellison has not been the least bit phased by what happened.

We had a fun play date with our friends this morning at the Rainbow Room. Then we spent most of the afternoon and evening in Columbia with Connor and his dad's family. We celebrated Connor's 29th birthday, his dad's birthday and Carly's birthday. We had a nice time. Ellison is spending the night in Columbia because tomorrow she is going to spend the whole day with her Aunt Sarah!

On Sunday, Ellison, Connor and I are meeting some friends at Gentry's Farm (pumpkin patch). I can't wait! They have so many fun things for kids to do. Here are some pictures from this week, we hope everyone has a fabulous Fall weekend!

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