Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wonderful Weekend...

Googey and his great niece!

Uncle Bobo teaching her how to drive

Playing at GJ and Poppy's

Kissing a "punkie" (that is what she calls pumpkins)
We had a wonderful weekend! It was filled with lots of family time! Ellison's Bobo (my brother Jeff) and GUE ("googey" my Uncle) were both in town. So we had everyone over to our house for brunch yesterday and then ate dinner with everyone last night. Ellison and I had a play date with some friends yesterday afternoon. Today we spent time at home because Ellison was (and still is) feeling a little under the weather. Connor was busy doing some landscaping for our front looks SO much better. He has not tackled since we moved in. We are hoping for a good and well week. We are very excited for Halloween weekend!

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