Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful 2 days full of Thanksgiving festivities with family! On Thanksgiving Day we went to Columbia and spent the whole day visiting and celebrating Thanksgiving with Connor's family. In the morning we were with his dad's side of the family and in the afternoon we were with his mom's side. Ellison was a trooper and really did so well. She took a short cat nap in the "Love Sack" at Dr. Ball's house (it is a really huge bean bag). It was pretty cute!

Ellison with Jen and T-daddy
Ellison and daddy
Taking a snooze in the "Love Sack"

We left Connor's dads house and headed over to his grandparents house. Ellison had a blast playing with her cousins, Reed and Will at Meme and Papa's house.
Ellison eating with her cousins...

Pushing baby around

My sister in laws...Heather and Sarah

Our little Turkey

Our little family on Thanksgiving

Yesterday, Ellison and I woke up at 6:30am, went and picked up my mom, was at Starbuck's by 7:30 and hitting up Target, Toys R Us and the mall from about 8am til 1pm. Along the way my brother arrived and met up with us. We had a blast and found some fabulous deals! I personally LOVE Black Friday, I think it is a kick off for the Christmas season. Once again, Ellison was a total trooper. With only one melt down (I personally don't blame her) she stayed awake the whole time and completely passed out as soon we headed home.
Last night we had my parents and brother over to our house for a yummy delicious Thanksgiving meal (cooked by Connor). We enjoyed our small gathering but really missed Nan, Claude and the crew in Pasadena! !

Us with Uncle Bobo (my brother)
Thanksgiving at our house

Ellison with her GJ and Poppy

Eating again!

Love this outfit!

Ellison and Uncle Bobo!
Today I am going to start decorating the house for Christmas (I am so excited!) and do a little more shopping with my brother before he heads back to Chicago tonight. We hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Cutie Pie!

Check out some professional photos we had taken of Ellison a couple week ago...we have used this photographer for over a year now and love her work!
Go to Proofing and the password is Ball (capitalize the "B")
Then click on "Ellison"

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Turkey Break!

Dancing to the "Hot Dog" song on Mickey's Clubhouse, she LOVES it!
Our sweet little turkey!

Not listening to mommy!

Playing in mommy's classroom before school started...

I have started my Thanksgiving break from work for a whole week (til the Monday after Thanksgiving). I am very excited for this break. We don't have a ton planned (which makes it nice) but we do have some play dates to look forward to with friends, spending time together and with our families over Thanksgiving AND some shopping (oh and decorating for Christmas :) I had a much deserved girls night with a friend last night and it was SO much fun! We went to 108 Grille in downtown Franklin. I really enjoyed this place. Ellison is doing great, she has been in the best mood lately and is SO full of her self.

  • She will sing "Jesus Loves Me" at home and in the car. She learned it at school. Now she does not actually sing the words but she hums, says baby and does the sign language hand motions that goes a long with the song. We are trying to get it on video. Every time she sings it, at the very end she always claps for herself and says "Yay." It is priceless...

  • She recognizes SO many animals whether it is a picture or an actual animal. She can say what it is and makes the noise.

  • She will point to any turkey she sees and say "Turkey...Gobble Gobble" (we did this with pumpkins (she says Punkies) for Halloween and we are already working on Santa and Ho Ho)
  • She is really starting to put 2 to 3 words together when she talks. Like this morning I went to get her and her burpie was on the floor. She looked at me and said "I want burpie."
  • She can count to three...I know this sounds silly but when I ask her to count she will say, "one, two, three" now sometimes she mixes the order up but she tries to hold up her fingers while she does it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Catch up!

Love Jen!
The boys playing cards...

Ellison giving Owen a kiss :)

She was way too big to get in this thing but it was either put her in it or throw a fit!

The boys and their YUMMY and meaty pizza from Hard Knox...

Jen reading to the babes (Ellison was mad that little Owen was holding the book)

A toast to the mommies!

Ellison playing fetch with Jackson (she calls him "Jacket")

Playing outside in the beautiful weather

Play date/Surprise bday party for a friend at our house=CHAOS!

We have had a busy weekend :) We went to Knoxville to visit our dear friends! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! When we came back Sunday, Connor and I met up with some of his family at Vanderbilt University to watch Ellison's Aunt Alex play basketball. She plays for Lehigh University! We had so much fun supporting Alex and cheering her team on! We have started another work week but I am excited because I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off! I am so thrilled the holidays are approaching, colder weather, Christmas lists, shopping, cooking, being with family and friends! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a great weekend! It went by SO fast. On Friday, Ellison and I had a playdate with some friends which lasted most of the morning thru lunch time. Ellison and I met up with my mom and grandmother, we did what we do ;) We went to dinner then headed home, we had been gone pretty much all day! On Saturday, Ellison and I ran some errands while daddy played racquetball and did yard work. After Ellison's nap, our favorite photographer (Beth Lessard) came over because I won a free photo session! So she took some pictures of Ellison...she was full of herself, we can't wait to see the proofs! If you go to her website you can catch a glimpse of some photos she took! Then we went to a friend's house for a cookout. We had a blast! We were having so much fun that we ended up putting Ellison down for bed in a pack n play at their house so we could stay later. It worked out great and didn't bother Ellison one bit. Today we went grocery shopping then headed to Columbia for the afternoon to visit with some of Connor's family. Ellison had so much fun playing outside in the beautiful weather!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Checking in!

This week has been CRAZY! So much has been going on and we have been helping some friends out that really needed support. I can't believe it is already Thursday, last day of the work week for me :) I don't really have any updated photos except for a couple. Ellison and I went to visit with some of our dear friends, Ms. Ellen and her daughter Caroline. Ellen and I have been friends since high school. We don't get to see each other much so it was great catching up with them while they are in town. We took a nice walk outside and went to the park, the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Ellison and Caroline are almost exactly 1 year a part! I will update more this weekend but for now, have a great Thursday!