Monday, November 16, 2009

Catch up!

Love Jen!
The boys playing cards...

Ellison giving Owen a kiss :)

She was way too big to get in this thing but it was either put her in it or throw a fit!

The boys and their YUMMY and meaty pizza from Hard Knox...

Jen reading to the babes (Ellison was mad that little Owen was holding the book)

A toast to the mommies!

Ellison playing fetch with Jackson (she calls him "Jacket")

Playing outside in the beautiful weather

Play date/Surprise bday party for a friend at our house=CHAOS!

We have had a busy weekend :) We went to Knoxville to visit our dear friends! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! When we came back Sunday, Connor and I met up with some of his family at Vanderbilt University to watch Ellison's Aunt Alex play basketball. She plays for Lehigh University! We had so much fun supporting Alex and cheering her team on! We have started another work week but I am excited because I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off! I am so thrilled the holidays are approaching, colder weather, Christmas lists, shopping, cooking, being with family and friends! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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