Friday, November 20, 2009

A Turkey Break!

Dancing to the "Hot Dog" song on Mickey's Clubhouse, she LOVES it!
Our sweet little turkey!

Not listening to mommy!

Playing in mommy's classroom before school started...

I have started my Thanksgiving break from work for a whole week (til the Monday after Thanksgiving). I am very excited for this break. We don't have a ton planned (which makes it nice) but we do have some play dates to look forward to with friends, spending time together and with our families over Thanksgiving AND some shopping (oh and decorating for Christmas :) I had a much deserved girls night with a friend last night and it was SO much fun! We went to 108 Grille in downtown Franklin. I really enjoyed this place. Ellison is doing great, she has been in the best mood lately and is SO full of her self.

  • She will sing "Jesus Loves Me" at home and in the car. She learned it at school. Now she does not actually sing the words but she hums, says baby and does the sign language hand motions that goes a long with the song. We are trying to get it on video. Every time she sings it, at the very end she always claps for herself and says "Yay." It is priceless...

  • She recognizes SO many animals whether it is a picture or an actual animal. She can say what it is and makes the noise.

  • She will point to any turkey she sees and say "Turkey...Gobble Gobble" (we did this with pumpkins (she says Punkies) for Halloween and we are already working on Santa and Ho Ho)
  • She is really starting to put 2 to 3 words together when she talks. Like this morning I went to get her and her burpie was on the floor. She looked at me and said "I want burpie."
  • She can count to three...I know this sounds silly but when I ask her to count she will say, "one, two, three" now sometimes she mixes the order up but she tries to hold up her fingers while she does it.

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Anonymous said...

Little pumpkin head is growing up so fast! I can't wait to see her and everybody on Friday!!