Friday, December 4, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

Today was busy! I had a staff holiday breakfast (childcare was provided which was so nice!). Then Connor, Ellison and I went to visit Santa and picked out our Christmas tree...

Just a quick reminder...this was Ellison's first visit with Santa (last year)...

Pretty sweet!

Ellison was very excited to go visit Santa...she has pointed to every Santa picture & decoration that she sees with a huge smile on her face and says "SANTA, SANTA...Ha Ha Ho!"

This was Ellison loading up into the car (still at home) talking all about Santa...

well, we got to the mall (still all smiles), took our place in line (smile has turned into a concerned look) and then she sees him...she nuzzles up closer to daddy and makes a slight wimper. Well, I left to go find a hiding place so I could catch it all on video.

The results are in!



a pretty dress


2 weeks of Santa preparation

= (equals)

And for your viewing pleasure...the video...(turn off the music application at the bottom of the blog)

Ho Ho Ho!

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Ellen said...

Oh my goodness, Linds, that is hysterical! She will love seeing that on video one day :) Miss you!