Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday fun!

Playdate with our friend, Connor

How sweet is this dress?! Thanks MeMac!

Hanging some ornaments

The little present Ellison brought home to us from school, it is a plate with her footprint that looks like a snowman, I love it!

I love this dress too! Thanks Nan!

We had a great last week at school! Ellison and I have officially started our 2 week long Christmas break! Now to catch up a little bit...last Sunday we had Connor's mom, brother, sister and sister in law over to our house for a little holiday family fun. We played games, ate yummy appetizers and Ellison had a good time playing with everyone. This week was super busy for me, it was our last week at work/school so we had Christmas parties and a Christmas musical program to prepare for. The week flew by! Here are some pictures from our week. We are happy the weekend is here. We have friends in town that we are visiting with, Ellison and I attended a Music Playhouse Class yesterday and we have already had 2 playdates with friends. It is going to be a very busy 2 weeks off from work! Today, Ellison and I are going to finish up some Christmas shopping, tomorrow Ellison and I will continue our Christmas tradition of making Christmas cookies and tomorrow night we are going to dinner with friends and attending a Christmas play at their church. Everyone have a fabulous weekend!

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