Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day at home!

So I didn't believe it when I first woke up this morning since there wasn't a snow flake that had fallen, however right after we got out of Ellison's gymnastics class it snowed and snowed and snowed. It is almost Ellison's bedtime and it is still snowing! After gymnastics, Ellison and I ran some errands (including the grocery store like every other Franklin, TN resident). We made it home in time for nap...however....Ellison did not nap. She laid in her crib talking, singing, clapping and having a good ole time. We tried to lay her down 4 count it 4 times. She never cried but she never slept. So we gave up, got bundled up and had some play time outside in the beautiful white blanket. We came in, thawed out, daddy made a fire then daddy and daughter made homemade chocolate chip cookies! Ellison LOVES to help cook and bake. She even wanted to wear her sweet apron and chef's hat that she got for Christmas from GJ and Poppy. She couldn't get any cuter! We played lots...pretty much all afternoon. Considering we have been stuck at home most of the day and she didn't nap at all, Ellison has been in the best mood! It is after 7 and she is still running around the house. Here are lots of photos from our Snow Day at home together as a family of 3 (oh and the doodles of course :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daddy and Ellison playing!

Mommy and Ellison before church...

Ellison showing off her lipstick...matches her dress!

Playing around...

She is really turning girly on us!

Playing before going to school...

My cutie pie!

All bundled up for the cold morning with "baby" in hand!

So far our week has not been very exciting. The weather has continued to be pretty much BLAH (cold and wet). So we have spent a majority of our time indoors and getting very bored. Thank goodness for all of Ellison's toys and new playroom setup! It has all kept her entertained and occupied. Ellison is becoming a girly girl (slowly but surely :) which makes mommy very happy. She loves carrying around her purse with her cell phone, sunglasses, lipstick and a book. She is obsessed with talking on the phone (she will say her friends names, start laughing out loud, say yeah a lot like she is really holding a conversation). She is also loving a baby doll that she got for a gift. The other day when Ellison and I were at the mall with my mother and grandmother, Ellison would run around picking up clothes of the racks, hold it up to her to see what it looked like and say "Oh, cute...Ellison is cute!" She was a hoot!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ellison's singing debut...

Ellison loves to sing! Especially when we are riding in the car, she will just start singing songs she knows (mainly from music class at school). Right now her favorite is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." For the past couple of days she keeps saying this..."Twinkle Twinkle, Star, Wonder" and then she will clap for herself. Today while she and I were in the car she starting singing it so I decided to sing with her. As I sang the whole song, Ellison finished every last word of each sentence. We caught her doing it on tape we were able to tape her doing some hand motions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another weekend has arrived!

Another week has come to an end which means the beginning of a new weekend! We don't have anything super exciting going on. This past week we went to school/work, had a playdate one afternoon and went to visit my grandparents yesterday afternoon. This morning Ellison and I headed to her gymnastics class which she absolutely loved! Then we ran some errands and came home for lunch and a nap. We are having a lazy afternoon so far. Right now as I type, Ellison is keeping herself entertained in her play room while daddy is taking a snooze on the couch. The weather has been pretty much in the dumps for the past few days. We did find out that Ellison's new swing set has arrived in the store so maybe we will get to pick it up over the weekend and get an idea of how long or hard it may be to put this sucker together! Happy Weekend everybody!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our weekend so far...

What yucky weather! I am so ready for the Spring time and being outside more. We have had a nice weekend so far. Ellison and her daddy got a nice little nap in together sweet!

Ellison spent the night with her MeMac on Friday night. She had a lot of fun visiting with her Meme and Papa while there. Last night Miss Ellison spent the night with her GJ and Poppy! She had a blast playing with them and also visiting with her Nan and Claude. We have had continued success with Ellison using the big girl potty. Now she is asking more and more through out the day to go potty and she does (both number 1 and number 2- sorry TMI). While Ellison has been out and about with her slumber parties I have been working on some birthday plans for her. Here are some things I am thinking on doing...

I made these invitations and was pretty happy with how they will turn out! We are going to have a friend birthday party on Ellison's actual birthday (March 13th) then a family party the next day! The invitations for each one will be a little different but the theme is all the same...

This is pretty close to what the birthday girls shirt will look like (except with the number 2 :) I have a dear friend that I work with helping me with the birthday attire!

This is the fabulous birthday present that Ellison is getting from ALL of our families! I cannot wait to have this at our house. She is going to love it and so will her friends when we have play dates! I just ordered it today so it should be here the first of February which will give us plenty of time to get it up by her birthday (hopefully :) I was reading comments and several people said it is a 12 hour assembly!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

22 months!

Ellison will be 2 years old in less than 2 months! I cannot believe it! It is amazing how much more Ellison is doing, especially verbally.

  • She will speak in complete full sentences.
  • She repeats absolutely everything someone says loud and clear.
  • She ask questions and follows commands.
  • She has had several visits to the time out spot and throws tantrums where she runs in a circle then throws herself into the floor (we hope to catch it on video one day it is quite hilarious & dramatic).
  • She LOVES her doodle brothers.
  • She loves school and her friends.
  • She sings...seriously she does. She may not know all the words but she will hum the right tune to where we understand what song it is and will say key words and do hand motions.(she has music at school and LOVES it)
  • She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (we are not big into her watching TV but will make an exception for this)
  • She loves to visit people especially our friends Ava and Asher (as soon as we pull in their neighborhood Ellison goes crazy and starts saying their names)
  • She is starting to get into playing dress up (every mommies dream).
  • When you ask her to count she will hold up fingers and say..."1, 2, 8, 6..."

The list is endless!

We had a good week at school/work. We didn't do anything very exciting besides our normal home routines after we left school. Last night we had a friend and his son over for dinner because his wife was out of town. Ellison and I have a 5 day weekend (because of MLK and we always get an extra day off when there is a 1 day holiday to make classes even at school). So Ellison is going to spend the night with her MeMac tonight and then with my parents tomorrow night. The all have been asking for a slumber party with Ellison so we thought with it being a long weekend for us, why not! This morning Ellison and I are attending her first gymnastics class. I am exciting for this and I hope she loves it!I am also starting to do a little more planning for her birthday party. We are going to have a friend birthday party and then a family birthday party. Her birthday theme this year is monkey's and I am trying hard to make all of the invitations myself and the cupcakes...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some snow fun!

Ellison and Aunt Sarah
Our little family sledding in the snow!

Mommy and daughter!

Daddy and Ellison sledding!

Daddy and daughter

Ellison was not a fan of the cold!

Ellison's friend Ava doing a great job holding onto Ellison while they went sledding together so Ellison would be safe!

Yesterday we met up with some of our dear friends to go sledding. Finding a sled was quite a battle but we finally got our hands on one and went searching for a good spot. We found a couple of baby hills but there wasn't a whole lot of snow on these so called hills. We made do and had a blast! After our sledding adventure, Ellison's Aunt Sarah came over to visit for a little while. We ate lunch together and hung out for most of the afternoon!