Friday, January 15, 2010

22 months!

Ellison will be 2 years old in less than 2 months! I cannot believe it! It is amazing how much more Ellison is doing, especially verbally.

  • She will speak in complete full sentences.
  • She repeats absolutely everything someone says loud and clear.
  • She ask questions and follows commands.
  • She has had several visits to the time out spot and throws tantrums where she runs in a circle then throws herself into the floor (we hope to catch it on video one day it is quite hilarious & dramatic).
  • She LOVES her doodle brothers.
  • She loves school and her friends.
  • She sings...seriously she does. She may not know all the words but she will hum the right tune to where we understand what song it is and will say key words and do hand motions.(she has music at school and LOVES it)
  • She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (we are not big into her watching TV but will make an exception for this)
  • She loves to visit people especially our friends Ava and Asher (as soon as we pull in their neighborhood Ellison goes crazy and starts saying their names)
  • She is starting to get into playing dress up (every mommies dream).
  • When you ask her to count she will hold up fingers and say..."1, 2, 8, 6..."

The list is endless!

We had a good week at school/work. We didn't do anything very exciting besides our normal home routines after we left school. Last night we had a friend and his son over for dinner because his wife was out of town. Ellison and I have a 5 day weekend (because of MLK and we always get an extra day off when there is a 1 day holiday to make classes even at school). So Ellison is going to spend the night with her MeMac tonight and then with my parents tomorrow night. The all have been asking for a slumber party with Ellison so we thought with it being a long weekend for us, why not! This morning Ellison and I are attending her first gymnastics class. I am exciting for this and I hope she loves it!I am also starting to do a little more planning for her birthday party. We are going to have a friend birthday party and then a family birthday party. Her birthday theme this year is monkey's and I am trying hard to make all of the invitations myself and the cupcakes...


Ellen said...

Those cupcakes are adorable! I'm impressed! I'm starting to brainstorm about Caroline's first birthday, too.

Sounds like Ellison is just growing and changing like crazy! She is precious, as usual! Miss ya'll!

Anonymous said...

2......the perfect age