Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daddy and Ellison playing!

Mommy and Ellison before church...

Ellison showing off her lipstick...matches her dress!

Playing around...

She is really turning girly on us!

Playing before going to school...

My cutie pie!

All bundled up for the cold morning with "baby" in hand!

So far our week has not been very exciting. The weather has continued to be pretty much BLAH (cold and wet). So we have spent a majority of our time indoors and getting very bored. Thank goodness for all of Ellison's toys and new playroom setup! It has all kept her entertained and occupied. Ellison is becoming a girly girl (slowly but surely :) which makes mommy very happy. She loves carrying around her purse with her cell phone, sunglasses, lipstick and a book. She is obsessed with talking on the phone (she will say her friends names, start laughing out loud, say yeah a lot like she is really holding a conversation). She is also loving a baby doll that she got for a gift. The other day when Ellison and I were at the mall with my mother and grandmother, Ellison would run around picking up clothes of the racks, hold it up to her to see what it looked like and say "Oh, cute...Ellison is cute!" She was a hoot!


Anonymous said...

I love it! She definitely loves shopping. Get ready, it won't be long before she starts picking out her own clothes to wear!

Anonymous said...

come to my school i'll teach u to play