Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

So we have been quite busy the past few days after all of our Christmas celebrations. We have done a lot around the house. As I mentioned after all the fabulous toys and goodies Ellison received for Christmas, we decided to turn our dining room into her new playroom. So we moved everything that was in the upstairs playroom to the downstairs. We LOVED the new set up. It is so nice and convenient to have everything in a central location. This way Ellison can play while we watch TV, cook, do work on the computer or while I do laundry. We all spend a majority of our time downstairs.

Excuse the mess, Ellison was right in the middle of playing...

Now she can cook while we cook!

Too much stuff!

We also did a major makeover to our family room. It was very blah and boring as you can see (these are before photos)...







Connor painted the whole room by himself while I distracted Miss E, he painted a bookshelf, some shelving, we had a gift card to Pottery Barn so we purchased a few new pillows and other decor accessories. All in all we love the way the room has turned out!

Ellison and I have had a couple of play dates with friends and we have been running a bunch of errands. We had a very low key New Year's Eve. We ate a yummy dinner at home and then we were in bed around 10:30pm! Tonight I am going out with a friend for some much needed girl time. Tomorrow is our last day of our 2 week holiday break which makes me kind of sad. However I know Ellison is ready to go back to school to get some energy out and see her friends. Here are a few pictures of what Ellison has been very occupied doing lately...we hope everyone had a great New Year's!

Our big girl...almost 22 months old!


Anonymous said...

We love all that you've done. Great job, the green in the den really shows off the furniture!
Love ya,
GJ & Poppy

Rachel said...

I love the color that you painted the room. Very tranquil! I know you will love having that playroom downstairs. Ever since I turned our sunroom in Mason's playroom we spend so much time in there. We just turned our dining room into an office/dining room and use it so much more!! Sounds like you guys had a great (and productive) holiday. Take care!