Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Snow Day!

She wouldn't keep her hat on!

Playdate with our friend Ava, the girl loved dressing up!

Today we had a snow day! Funny thing was they cancelled school yesterday at 6pm with no snow in sight (the prediction was that we would wake up this morning to a couple of inches). Well we woke up to a couple inches of NOTHING! It did not start snowing until about 9am. But it snowed for about 4-5 hours without stopping. Now the snow is over but it is so cold that what did fall has remained on the ground. Of course the schools went ahead and closed for tomorrow as well. At least I got paid today for not working! Ellison and I enjoyed coffee and a playdate with friends this morning. We also had lunch with Connor since he did have to work. We are watching the football game tonight and tomorrow Ellison has her first gymnastics class! We hope everyone had a good day!

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