Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day at home!

So I didn't believe it when I first woke up this morning since there wasn't a snow flake that had fallen, however right after we got out of Ellison's gymnastics class it snowed and snowed and snowed. It is almost Ellison's bedtime and it is still snowing! After gymnastics, Ellison and I ran some errands (including the grocery store like every other Franklin, TN resident). We made it home in time for nap...however....Ellison did not nap. She laid in her crib talking, singing, clapping and having a good ole time. We tried to lay her down 4 count it 4 times. She never cried but she never slept. So we gave up, got bundled up and had some play time outside in the beautiful white blanket. We came in, thawed out, daddy made a fire then daddy and daughter made homemade chocolate chip cookies! Ellison LOVES to help cook and bake. She even wanted to wear her sweet apron and chef's hat that she got for Christmas from GJ and Poppy. She couldn't get any cuter! We played lots...pretty much all afternoon. Considering we have been stuck at home most of the day and she didn't nap at all, Ellison has been in the best mood! It is after 7 and she is still running around the house. Here are lots of photos from our Snow Day at home together as a family of 3 (oh and the doodles of course :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a fun snow day! The picture of the apron and chef's hat is priceless! Hope you have another snow adventure today!
GJ and Poppy

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Love the close ups of Lindsey and E and then Connor and E. Also glad you caught the "OH" face.

We're heading out to do it all over again here.