Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Days of play...

So we have not had school yet this week because of the snow. We don't mind though because I get paid for snow days while I get to spend time playing with Ellison & friends, eating lunch with Connor, catching up around the house and run errands! Yesterday we went to toddler story time with friends at the library. Then we had a playdate with friends at Chick-fil-A (one just opened near where we live and they have a great indoor play area). We met up with daddy to eat lunch with his boss and his boss' wife. Ellison and I ran a few errands then headed home for a nap. After Ellison woke up we ran a couple more errands then settled in for the evening.

Today we woke up, got ready, picked up Ellison's friend Ava, headed to the mall to meet some of Ellison's other friends (Connor and Annie B.) to play at the mall indoor play area. Ellison LOVES to play there, it really is a lot of fun and perfect for her age. Afterwards, Connor met us to eat lunch again (we try to do this anytime Ellison and I don't have school during the week). After lunch we headed home for a nap.

I just got the call that schools will be 2 hours late tomorrow but for me that means no school at all. Since my preschool hours are 9:15-2:00, if the kids came 2 hours late it would be 11:15 which just is not worth it because that pretty much only covers lunch and nap. So our policy is if schools are 2 hours late we don't go at all.

So here is to one more day of play!

I wanted to show these...Connor made Ellison this sign to hang in her room. On one of her walls she has a collage of signs that have different sayings. They are so cute! Connor made this one because when I was pregnant with Ellison, he would read Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too! Everytime he did Ellison would start moving around in my belly! I love the way it turned out!

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Anonymous said...

The sign is adorable, great job Connor! You all have had a great "vacation", wonderful family time.
Love you all,
GJ and Poppy