Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm over it...

Ellison's friend, Connor (isn't he a cutie!)
We are so over this cold and wet weather...seriously we are done with it. There is only so much we can do to keep Ellison entertained while keeping ourselves sane! Last week Ellison and I only went to school/work for 1 day. On Thursday we had some friends over for dinner (it is a girl I work with and her son is a little older than Ellison). Her husband was out of town so they came to eat with us and the kids had so much fun playing. On Friday, Ellison and I went to her gymnastics class which was a blast of course. Then we went to visit with my grandparents, Nan and Claude. We headed home for lunch and a nap. Afterwards, the 3 of us headed to the mall so Ellison could play at the indoor play area and get some energy out. We picked up a pizza on the and spent the rest of the evening at home.

On Saturday, Ellison and I headed to my parents house to eat breakfast with my family because my brother was in town for the day! Afterwards, Bobo (that is what Ellison calls my brother/her is so cute), Ellison and I went to the mall and ran some errands. My brother was only in town for the day so our time was precious with him. Afterwards, we headed back home for a nap and pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon and evening indoors. I did go to a friend's house for dinner last night for some girl time.

This morning we slept in (7:30 is sleeping in for us :) got up and we have been playing most of the morning. We are getting ready to head to the grocery store and then settle in for the afternoon and evening to watch the Super Bowl. We have a full week of work/school BUT our great dear friends...The McNally Family...are coming to visit and stay with us this upcoming Valentine's Day weekend! We are very excited for them to come and see our new house, catch up and have the kids play. We hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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Kristin Porter said...

Lindsey, Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog and giving me your blog address. Ellison is precious and I'm so glad to see everything is going well with you! We, too, are over this weather! Ha!
Kristin Dahlroos Porter