Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lots of catching up!

What a week and what a weekend! First of all the pictures I posted are way out of order, I apologize! This past week Ellison and I had work/school but unexpectedly were out on Tuesday because of more snow. We celebrated Valentine's at school with parties on Wednesday and Thursday (Ellison's class also had PJ Day which was fun). On Friday we went to Ellison's gymnastics class then Friday afternoon our dear friends came in town from Knoxville to visit us! We were very excited to have them see our new house and just have a relaxing weekend. After they arrived, Ellison showed Owen all of her toys and fun things to do at the house. Ellison got her birthday present from them since we won't see them again til after her 2nd birthday (it is super cute!) then the guys went and picked up dinner from Royal Thai while us mommies stayed home and gave the little ones a bath. They had so much fun taking a bath together. We probably stayed in the tub for about 45 minutes. We got the kids to bed then the parents enjoyed a very yummy dinner, wine and relaxing time!
On Saturday we all woke up bright and early and headed to Puckett's in downtown Franklin for breakfast. It was SO yummy and the kids really did well. Afterwards, the guys went out for the morning to do some stuff and the mommies took the kiddos back to the house to get cleaned up and to let Owen take a little morning snooze. However, after Owen woke up things started to go downhill. He had a fever of 101 and was not a happy guy. After debating of what to do, Ellison and I left to run a couple errands and to pick up some lunch while my friend Jen stayed at home with Owen so he would sleep more. Luckily he did rest but once we returned his fever was back again. Long story short (too late for that I know :) His fever came and went off and on the rest of the day but once bedtime hit he was not having it. As soon as he would lay down he screamed. His temp got up to 103 and that is when our friends decided they needed to head home so they could get him to sleep for awhile in the car (he was exhausted) and so they could take him to their dr. tomorrow first thing.
Our original plan was for my mom to come watch the kids last night so the 4 parents could go out for a Valentine's Day dinner. We were sad it did not work out and that the visit was cut short but we will make up for it all next time we see them which will be April!
Today we slept in (thank you Ellison) and now Connor is making a yummy breakfast (croissant french toast with caramelized apples...YUM!). We don't have much planned for this Love Day! Ellison and I are out of school/work tomorrow for President's Day so we have a play date set up with some friends we have not seen in a long time!
Sorry for the long post, Happy Valentine's Day from the Ball Family!

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