Monday, February 22, 2010

What a wonderful weekend!

I changed the background of my blog in preparation for Ellison's 2nd Birthday coming up in just 3 weeks! I cannot believe she is almost 2 years old.

This past weekend was wonderful! The weather was gorgeous outside and we pretty much were busy all weekend long. On Friday we skipped gymnastics (since Ellison has been sick with Hand Foot Mouth disease...we wanted to be safe than sorry). Instead we went to the park and played with some friends. We ran some errands then went home and played outside! Ellison rode her pink coupe car around, colored on her picnic table and had a blast just running around, picking up leaves and sticks.

On Saturday we woke and had some guy friends come over to help Connor start setting up Ellison's big (and early) birthday present...her wooden play set! We have been waiting for a nice weekend to do this because we wanted to get it up before her actual birthday party so our families could see it! The guys worked on it for about 3 to 4 solid hours and got a lot done. While they worked on it, I took Ellison and her friend Annie to Barnes and Noble for story time and then to ChickFila to play and get lunch. After nap, we played some more outside and then had some friends over for dinner. It was a super fun day and night!

Ellison is in love with her pink rainboots. She puts them on every morning by herself and insists on wearing them while at home.

Connor working hard on Saturday...

Then on Sunday we woke up (Ellison woke up really early) and we had play time indoors. Then Ellison and I went shopping with my mom and grandmother so we could be out of the house while Connor worked hard to finish her playset. Well, we really ended up being gone almost all day. When we returned home this is what we found...

Daddy finished the play set! The only thing missing is one of the swings (which we decided we will put up a baby swing). As she and I pulled up in the driveway, Ellison laid eyes on her new playset, started waving her arms, kicking her legs saying "slide slide, swing swing Mommy!" She was SO excited and is in love with her new big toy :) The set all in all took about 7 hours to put together (4 hours with help then 3 more hours with just Connor doing it)

Ellison wants to say thank you to her daddy for doing such an amazing job!

Trying out the slide!

Climbing up the ladder!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome!!! She will have a blast this spring and summer playing on her super swing set! Great job Connor!

Anonymous said...

I think she likes it for sure. Glad she is feeling better. Saw Dr. Huss yesterday, R has strep.

See you guys soon.
Delisa, David, Reed and Will

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Connor! What an amazing playset.She is going to have such a great time. And I must say ,she looks adorable in her,mom