Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daddy Donut Day!

This morning at school/work we had Daddy Donut Day! This is when dad's come to eat donuts with their kids and socialize (although many dad's don't really socialize :). Connor of course came to eat with Ellison. I had my own class to tend to but was able to hang out with Connor and Ellison a little bit. It is things like this that make me realize how fast Ellison is growing up!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Parties

Wearing all of her goodies from the treat bag that she got at a birthday party!

Playing with friends at Annie's birthday party
Posing with friends
Going down the slide

Our weekend has been pretty busy so far! Yesterday we went to gymnastics, had a play date with a friend, ate lunch with GJ (my mom) for her birthday but then relaxed for most of the afternoon. This morning Connor was up and out very early with his buddy. They are building our fence today! We are blessed with such wonderful friends that are willing to help us with projects. Ellison and I spent the morning playing at home, then got cleaned up and headed out to attend 2 birthday parties that Ellison was invited to. The first one was for our friend Annie. It was at the park (beautiful day for it)! Ellison had a blast playing with her friends. We left that party and rushed over to another party for our friend Bailey. Ellison had a blast and LOVED the goody bag she got (it was filled with play dough, a noise maker, sunglasses, dress up jewelry and her favorite...a sucker :) She has had the goody bag attached to her since we left the party. We came home and Ellison took a great nap, she was exhausted (mommy was kind of tired too)! Connor and his buddy got all of the posts set for the fence, which is a huge accomplishment. Luckily we have 1 more day to recover from our already busy weekend :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


Ellison wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her GJ! We love you so much!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun with Uncle Bobo!

Ellison's Uncle Bobo (my brother) came to visit this past weekend! Since he missed her big birthday celebration we had to make up with some Uncle/Niece quality time :) On Friday, he was able to go to gymnastics with us and then we went to the park where we met some of my mommy friends and their kids. All of the ladies fell in love with Uncle Bobo because he was keeping all of the kiddos entertained! Ellison also had her 2 year well check up on Friday afternoon. She is perfect! She was in the 55% for weight and 74% for height! She did not shed 1 tear or have a lip quiver when she got her immunization. The nurse was amazed! On Friday night, Uncle Bobo came over to hang out and spent the night. Then on Saturday morning we all headed to the zoo together. We spent the whole morning there and had a lot of fun! On the way home we grabbed some lunch and then all went home to take a good nap :) Last night we went out to dinner with my whole family to celebrate my mom's birthday (it is not really til next week but we celebrated since Jeff was in town). Then today it has been lazy, lazy, lazy! The only thing we did was go to the grocery store and we went to my parent's house to say bye to Uncle Bobo. I can't believe we are coming up on the last week of March! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ellison's 2nd Birthday (Family Party!)

Today we celebrated Ellison's 2nd birthday with all of our families (Bobo we missed you!) We had a wonderful and fun filled day...thank you everyone for coming and sharing in the celebration!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ellison!

Today is Ellison's 2nd birthday! I cannot believe she is 2 years old! What a big girl she is and how much fun she is. We are so blessed with such a precious, sweet, smart, outgoing and beautiful baby girl :) We celebrated with friends today at Harpeth School of Gymnastics. All of the kids and even the parents had an absolute blast! We took TONS of pictures but I will try to limit myself :) Also check out Ellison's super adorable outfit that my friend made :) Tomorrow we are celebrating Ellison's birthday with our families!