Sunday, March 7, 2010

Elephants, tigers and monkeys...OH MY!

Ellison and her Aunt Sarah
Ellison playing dress up with her new bunny ears...

At the zoo! Ellison and daddy checking out the meerkats which she loved!

She loved the petting zoo...

Oh where to go next...
She is such a big girl!

Tigers! (See them in the background)

Hi daddy!

Of course she loved watching the fish...
Mommy and Ellison!

Last night, Ellison's Aunt Sarah spent the evening with us and we had a blast! She got some good quality time with Ellison. This morning we woke up, Connor made a yummy breakfast and then we got ready and headed out for our first trip to the zoo! Ellison had an absolute blast! She loved all of the animals with the exception of the one animal that her whole birthday party is based around...MONKEYS! Every single monkey exhibit Ellison would start to whine and say "I no like monkeys." Every other animal in the zoo she LOVED. Her favorites were the meerkats, giraffes, fish and birds. Connor and I both loved the red pandas and tigers. We were there for about 3 hours until we decided to go home. Ellison could have stayed all afternoon :) We look forward to going back to the zoo many times during the Spring and Summer since we have an annual pass to enjoy!

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